However, there are also challenges. The Million Homes Programme is now facing the need of extensive improvement work. There is an urgent need to invest in energy efficiency improvements. Exclusion exists in many residential areas and needs to be combated. There is a shortage of housing and at the same time it is more difficult than ever to build at a cost that ordinary people can afford. Meanwhile, legislation means that the public housing companies have to combine their social responsibility with a business-like approach.

Long-term & competitive

This has promoted the emergence of strong companies with experience, knowledge and commitment ready to provide value for inhabitants, while serving their municipalities, and offering good housing for everyone, regardless of income, background, age and family situation. These companies are able to drive forward the development of areas and help to promote secure and sustainable residential areas, either independently or in collaboration with others. At the same time, they represent a long-term and competitive stakeholder in their local and regional market, promoting growth in their municipality and region.

Public housing is as important for Sweden in the 21st century as it was when it was created.

Swedish public housing companies

  • Account for almost 20 per cent of Sweden’s housing stock – half the rental sector.
  • Over 300 companies, found in virtually all municipalities.
  • Owned by the municipality.
  • Managed as limited companies.